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Encounter Ensemble

Encounter Ensemble 『Sound of THIDA』 2017.10.22


TMCR-0002 ¥2,200 (tax in ) 


1.  The meeting point ~We are in here

2.  Calmly Blue ~the spiritual land

3.  Peace of mind ~each side of the gate with no fences

4.  Taste of sunshine ~different viewpoints bring new thinking

5.  edge of the Island ~in the face of destiny  (trio edit)

6.  Living history ~transcending time

7.  Commoner's song ~It's not over yet

8.  Requiem for the people left behind ~The time can't be brought back

9.  Discharge to the next life ~end is the beginning , beginning is the end

10.  Thanks for the universe ~All things will go back to the universe


『edge of the Island〜the first take』

TMCR-0001 ¥2,200 (tax in ) 


1.edge of the Island

2.Calmly blue

3.Southern birds

4.edge of the Island  (pf ver.)

5.Melodies for flute

6.edge of the Island (trio edit)

7.Two nostalgic melodies

8.Living history

9.Requiem for the people left behind

10.edge of the Island (sunset mix)

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